Every year of my life I got older. The older I got the less I knew. I’m old enough now that I know practically nothing. I can tell a few stories, hum a few tunes, even show a couple of pictures. And this, for all the brouhaha, is what the internet is good for. With that, I welcome you to my personal website.

I have no children. My parents are gone. My friends are either gone or ready to go. To whom will I tell my stories? Maybe to you.

The 20th Century produced some of the finest art, music, motion pictures and industrial design ever seen, in spite of two world wars and a devastating economic depression. It was a time of courage, sacrifice, respect and grace that has passed. I lived through half of it, and learned second-hand about the other half. I would like to show you some of it.

I have nothing to teach. I have nothing to preach. I have only one word. Look.